We know how important publishing schedules are. When we accept your assignment, we do everything possible to meet your deadline or your publisher’s deadline. We ease your mind by helping you keep to your schedule.


We believe that everyone has a story to tell. Each book we work on has its own nuances because each author has his or her own voice. No matter what stage of editing or writing we do, our intent is to help your unique voice come through clearly.


We know it can be scary to put a project in the hands of an outsider. We intend to justify the trust you place in us and also to recognize this trust as a gift.

Cultural Engagement

Language, publishing, and the world around us are always changing. Without following fads, we remain current with the culture to help you publish works of maximum impact.


We love serving as an ally of publishers and authors! We believe that as we take joy in working on your project, you will also find it enjoyable to work with us.

Giving Back

We believe in investing in projects that build community, strengthen faith, and lead to health in body and soul. While working on these projects, we strive to make sustainable resource choices for people and the planet.